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Empowering My Afro-descendant Body

Limón, Costa Rica &

Cuajinicuilapa, México

AfroPoderosas, a new binational initiative, will launch a project that will educate Afro-descendant young women about sexual violence risk reduction and prevention. AfroPoderosas will conduct three community workshops with Black women age 16 to 30 who live in rural communities in Costa Rica and Mexico. They will cover topics such as “conscious menstruation,” self-care, and sexual and reproductive rights and distribute kits with sanitary napkins, contraception, and information on Afro-traditional medicines.

2021 pilot grant cycle 

Puerto Rico:

Colectivo Ilé

Costa Rica:





Colectivo Ilé

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Workshops Against Sexual Violence:

Race y Gender

Caguas, Puerto Rico

Colectivo Ilé works on leadership development of Black Puerto Rican women. Dedicated to antiracist and decolonial organizing, Colectivo Ilé has an advisory community of 17 Afro-descendant women. Colectivo Ilé will host workshops for adult women of African descent in various regions of Puerto Rico. They will collect oral histories to document the connections between race and gender and sexual violence in Puerto Rico. After the workshops, Colectivo Ilé plans to develop multimedia educational materials that will be used to raise awareness.


La Comadre de AFRODES

Raising Awareness about Sexual Violence Experienced by Afro-descendant Black Women through Digital Animation

Bogotá, Colombia

La COMADRE (Coordinación de Mujeres Afrocolombianas Desplazadas en Resistencia) is an organization of Afro-Colombian women victims of armed conflict from various regions of Colombia. Their project will use digital animation to raise awareness about the impact of sexual violence and war on Black women. The video creation process will offer Black girls and women ages 10 to 60 an opportunity to share their stories of sexual violence in a way that contributes to their healing. The animated content is being produced as a pedagogical tool to be disseminated nationally and internationally.


Revista Afirmativa

Escrevivencia Journalism:

Narratives of Black Women Confronting Sexual Violence

Salvador de Bahía, Brasil

Revista Afirmativa provides journalistic coverage of issues pertaining to social inequality with a focus on race and gender in the Northeast and Amazonian regions of Brazil. They will select 15 journalists and filmmakers to produce a series of multimedia reports that explore sexual violence and toxic masculinity. They will prioritize Black women writers and others from underrepresented groups such as youth, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, and people from the Northeast and North of Brazil. Once the series is completed, they use the content to host a webinar on Black women and sexual violence.